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Thé Vert Jewellery is a collection of handmade Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets. Our passion lies in the creation of unique pieces that seamlessly blend organic elements with a modern and eye-catching aesthetic. Our pieces are created from polymer clay, fabric, wood, glass, semi precious stones and various metals. We take pride in our commitment to handcrafting each item with care.

Our design philosophy revolves around creating pieces that effortlessly integrate into your daily wardrobe. Thé Vert Jewellery aims to transcend the conventional, offering you accessories that are not just adornments but reflections of your personal style and connection to the world around you.


Hi! I'm Hitomi, the designer and owner of Thé Vert Jewellery!

Before becoming a jewellery designer, my career covered many roles ranging from tourism, translating/interpreting, arts and entertainment, and human resources. Life’s journey can be wide and varied and is not always easy. I am learning to embrace life’s twists and turns and to keep moving forward.

Like my life, my jewellery is wide and varied, inspired by the many things I love. I draw inspiration from Canadian and Japanese cultures, interior design, fashion, music, and nature.

As a designer, I enjoy the creative process and the flexible work hours suit my family life.  What truly touches me is the positive feedback from customers. I am grateful to every single person who has chosen a piece of Thé Vert Jewellery.

I wear jewellery everyday and I always feel a bit more special when I have a piece on.  My hope is that my jewellery will also make people feel special and add a bit more happiness to someone's life.

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